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Bee Breeders, in collaboration with the Latvia Nature Conservation Agency, is calling for submissions for the Amber Road Trekking Cabins architecture competition. In it, participants are tasked with creating designs for a series of cabins to be situated along a proposed hiking trail that runs parallel to the white sandy beaches that are often strewn with small pieces of amber that inspired its name. Eventually connecting with other coastal hiking trails to form part of the European Long-Distance Paths Network.

Winning designs will be considered for construction by the Latvia Nature Conservation Agency as a way to help boost Latvia's trekking tourism. As such they need to be in keeping with the country’s traditions and culture, while at the same time with the potential to become iconic landmarks in their own right.

The competition is now open until September 27 with all winning designs being put forward for consideration for construction, as well as sharing a total prize fund of US $6,000.

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